Existing league players

Where can I buy my own equipment?

Unfortunately, there is nowhere in Bristol which specialises in tenpin bowling equipment.

The closest specialist suppliers are:

My team is not able to bowl a forthcoming match…

If a team is not available to bowl a scheduled match it’s the team captain’s responsibility to inform the opposing team captain and the league secretary at least 24 hours ahead of the start time.

The two captains need to agree whether to (a) arrange a date/time when both teams can play or (b) play an envelope match.

Note that matches not played on the scheduled date need to be made up within 4 weeks of the scheduled date and 1 week ahead of any position round or final round of the league.

Any team not giving 24 hours notice of not being able to bowl, or not arriving to bowl at the scheduled time without notice, will forfeit the match and not be awarded any points; usual league fees will still be owing for the missed match.

I'm interested in joining a league...

What does “handicap” mean?

“Handicap” in bowling is a means to level out the playing field allowing players of different abilities to fairly play and compete against one another in a challenging way.

The handicap is a number calculated from a player’s average and added to each game score – the the Monday Duos league this is currently two thirds of the difference between the player’s average and 200, capped at a maximum of 50.

How much does it cost?

The fees are currently £12.50 per person per match – so £25.00 per team each week. This covers 3 games of bowling plus a contribution to the prize fund which pays out at the end of the league.

Note that missed and/or defaulted matches still need to be paid for.

How many people are in a team?

The Duos league has teams of 2 people playing each match.

A team can have up to 5 people on the roster but only 2 will play in a match.

When does the league play?

The Monday Duos league plays on Monday nights at 8pm.

We usually run two leagues through the year:

  • Winter league runs from early September to roughly Easter – with a few weeks off in December
  • Summer league runs from some time after Easter until around late July / early August

Note that the league does NOT play on bank holiday Mondays.

What happens on a league night?

What is “lane etiquette”?

When it’s your turn to bowl please let anyone about to bowl on a lane adjacent to you to complete their shot – stand back and wait out of their field of vision.